Rowan Blog

Our Twycross Zoo adventure for June 2022

Rowan class had an amazing time at the zoo. We saw lots of different animals including the ‘Gruffalo.’ Do you know what a Gruffalo is?

We really enjoyed our day and saw tigers, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys and lots more…

Our Bear Hunt adventure for May 2022

Lots of fun was had trying to find the bear.

We took our torches as we went through the long wavy grass….the deep cold river…. and the swirling whirling snowstorm.

April 2022

We also made easter gardens as spring is upon us. We used natural materials to create a path, trees and used sticks to resemble the cross.

April 2022

We have enjoyed learning about Easter and the Christian traditions. We role played the Last Supper and learnt Jesus had twelve special friends called disciples. The disciples ate bread and drank red wine. We learnt that the bread is a symbol of Jesus body and the red wine a symbol of his blood.

March 2022

We have enjoyed World Book Day, dressing up as our favourite characters. We have also shared our favourite books with each other. Can you guess the characters and what stories they are from?

February 2022

We have enjoyed our theme of ‘Food’. Some of the texts we shared together were:

  • Jack & the Beanstalk 
  • The Enormous Watermelon 
  • Where does food come from? 
  • Sam’s Sandwich 

We finished our theme with designing and making silly sandwiches. Some of us made…

  • ham and jam sandwiches
  • jam, cucumber, ham and tomato sandwiches
  • cheese, jam and cucumber sandwiches.

What fillings would you put in your sandwich?