With Miss Griffiths, Childcare Lead.

Mrs Egan, Mrs Gough, Ms Holland, Miss Freeman and Mrs Turner, Mrs Szilvasi Clark, and Miss Clark are our Early Years Teaching Assistants.

Together all the staff work with the children daily to offer a warm, caring and stimulating learning environment for the children as they learn and develop through play.

Ladybirds is our 2-year-old class, the planning in Ladybird class focuses on children’s current interests and the adults using these interests to carefully plan what is available in the continuous provision to meet the individual needs, ages, stages, interests, and development of each child within the room.

Good watch for parents:

Dragonflies is our 3 & 4-year-old class, the planning in Dragonfly class have a split focus on children’s current interest and the school EYFS curriculum. The continuous provision is set up to support and embed focused learning from the school EYFS curriculum. There are also opportunities for children to focus on their own interests within the wider continuous provision.

Both classes join for free flow play in the morning, lunchtime and in the afternoon. In free play the children access all areas completely child led with adult input.

Things to remember:

  • Monday and Thursday are P.E days, please ensure your child has suitable footwear.
  • Please send in a labelled bag with spare tops, trousers, pants, and socks.
  • If your child is in nappies, please send in nappies, wipes, and cream.
  • Please send in wellies and a puddle suit in wet/cold/snowy weather.
  • Please label all garments of clothing.
  • Children should be in school uniform (Bottle green jumper/cardigan, white polo top, grey/black bottoms, green summer dress or grey/black pinafore)

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