Yew Tree School is an inclusive school and we are proud of the diversity within our school community. We meet the needs of children with special educational needs via a range of targeted interventions and support groups. Mr Alberici, our SENDco, is non class based and works at our school for two and a half days a week. We have a team of support staff including a Learning and Family Support Worker and a designated Teaching Assistant for our SEND children who supports in school every morning. We believe that every individual, whatever their needs, has strengths. We have a holistic approach to achievement, celebrating the success in all our pupils.

Our school SEND policy can be accessed on the policy page of our school website.

Our Accessibility Plan can be found by clicking the following link:

TGPA Yew Tree  Accessibility Plan Sept 2020

Our SEND report can be found by clicking the following link:

TGPA Yew Tree SEND Information report 2020-2021

Any parents of SEND pupils who are not satisfied with the support school provides should communicate their concerns with school by following our complaints procedure as detailed in our Complaints Policy which can be accessed on the policy page of our school website.

Mr Alberici can be contacted on 0121 704 2067 or you can email him at


Reading is a key skill to progressing with learning and acquiring good language skills and this is especially important for our Bilingual pupils. Reading at home is always encouraged and being exposed to good reading models is beneficial in helping a child understand correct pronunciation, which can in turn benefit a child’s spelling and writing skills. The following are a few websites that provide audio stories with accompanying written texts, so that parents and children can listen and read together or  so that a child can listen to stories by themselves.

Good language skills and correct pronunciation can impact positively on emotional well-being and confidence and have a positive effect on other areas of learning and social skills.

Simple stories for new to English learners (children) – video and transcript

Large selection of stories from different cultures read by famous people – video and transcript

Stories from different cultures and countries – audio, video and translations in various languages


Solihull Sendias offer a free, confidential and impartial service for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability and their parents and carers. They are legally trained to offer information, advice and support and to help you make informed decisions and to play an active role in your child’s education. They explain SEND processes and procedures in a straight forward language so that everyone knows what to expect and what part they play.

Contact Telephone Number: 0121 516 5173

Email address: