The ARP is a provision for children, usually from Solihull, with identified attachment and anxiety issues which seriously impact on their chance of being successful in a mainstream school. The ARP offers a short term placement, aiming to build confidence and learning skills in order to enable children to return to mainstream school or in exceptional circumstances to move to a more specialist provision.

The vision for all pupils is to:

  • Develop a more secure attachment and the resilience to manage their own anxieties.
  • For pupils to aim to successfully reintegrate to mainstream provision.
  • To support families in managing need and in securing positive relationships with each other.

We welcome referrals at any point during the year and suggest you send email them to us as early as possible before the panel date that you wish your referral to be considered at. To enable staff from Cedars to visit you to discuss your referral,  please allow no less than 10 days before each panel meeting as a cut off point for sending referrals to us. If you wish to discuss a possible referral with a member of the Cedars team, please call 0121 704 2067 or email the office at:

For more information please see below:

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